when the moon shines down bright enough on you to blind you
when twilights curtain changes from a deep purple to a soft pink
and when the tree of life rises to intertwine both the sky and the earth…

day break
or a gush of rainbows
or a dance of twenty glowing angels

as it all spirals and circles
in random cohesive dna

as it embraces you.



and then twilight set its curtain…
the dawn turned to dusk
as orange turned to purple

she sat.. staring into the nothingness of empty walls… and contemplated…

sounds.. echoes… the buzz of a never at rest city… how our lives get intertwined in these and how we constantly crave an escape!

ज़िंदगी कई बार एक अजीब सी पहेली बन जाती है… एक ऐसी गुत्थी जिसके जवाब नही होते… और जिसे शायद हम सुलझाना भी नही चाहते.. उन गाँठों के माया जाल मे कहीं ना कहीं हमारी खुशियों का ढकोसला है… पर गुत्थी तब तक ही रहती है जब तक कोई राहगीर उसे सुलझाने नही आ जाता…

suddenly you start breathing again.. as every knot slowly unties and lets in fresh crisp air… you breathe! the swirl of the sounds of your own thoughts starts to settle… each frazzled end on the knot slowly smoothens out… and you reach out to hold the hand that’s slowly been untying the knots…

और फिर वो कहते हैं ना… ‘उलझोगे नही तो सुलझोगे कैसे?!’ 🙂


कभी एक अंजान राही की गुनगुनाई हुई ख्वाईषों मे अपने आप का साया खोजा है?

कभी एक महके हुए तरन्नुम मे जज़्बा-ए-साज़ को लिखा है?

कभी एक उड़ती हुई झलक मे अपने हर सवाल के जवाब को खोजा है?

“Mocking birds aren’t content to merely play the hand that is dealt to them. Like all artists, they are out to rearrange reality. Innovative, willful, daring, not bound by the rules that others may blindly adhere!” – Tom Robbins

and so she thought to herself that they mock this world that has been put together out of natural selection and cultural evolution… but has it been an evolution or a denigration?

कभी ज़िंदगी की धरोहर पर खड़े आदमी की आँखों मे जीने की तमन्ना को देखा है?

वो इतना नही सोचती… वो बस चाहती है…


looking over the nascent green
mingled with soft pink dust
the sun
it floats in through curtained windows
it whispers of wisdom and wonder!

~ Mornings with a perfect cup of chai and conversation can be so enticing!! 🙂


हर आस की कोई आरज़ू नही होती
हर ख्वाब का पूरा होना ज़रूरी नही होता
हर शाम खुश नही थोड़ी उदास भी होती है
क्या हर परिंदा उड़ने को बेताब होता है?

and then she sat with her legs curled under her as her earrings jingled while she restlessly turned her head from side to side. Her bangles jangled as she twirled her already curled up hair and after a long time she let herself be mired in the spiral of her thoughts…

she managed to shake off her routine theory of escapism and confront her questions… those in her head that she had to search within for answers and then those that she had to ask… and after years she now believes that escapism really isn’t the answer! expression is!!

she’s been trying to paint a pandora’s box of hope… it’s start and stop and start and a very long pause since somewhere she’s always thought hope is a wasted emotion. you should believe… hope is still uncertain… belief is definitive – you either will or you won’t.. if you will there’s nothing that can stop it from working for you! if you won’t… well.. it’s not going to happen. hope is a sanctum.. it is a form of escapism. Dreams on the other hand are powerful stuff… these are the things that if you ‘believe’ in.. and this is where she goes back to the daimoku tattoed on her arm.. and somewhere she’s thankful she thought of the yin-yang as the epicentre of its power… the thin line of equilibrium that many strive for but few achieve is what drives a sense of inner peace…

we have become this race of people who constantly who listen to our heads a bit too much… there’s a fine line between your head and your heart and it’s called your gut. listen to it… it has the power to make your life so much simpler and so much happier!

in this moment.. staring at the stars… she’s just glad that she did not ignore that one hug and went along with her gut!

strangely this is the song that engulfed her the minute she thought of the lines this post begins with…

but the question remains… ‘क्या हर परिंदा उड़ने को बेताब है?’ या फिर उसका मुकाम कुछ और है और ये ज़माना उसे कहीं और ले चला है?