… in a free mind.
… through an hourglass of time.

questioning the beginning
searching the end
the journey within
the walk to the soul
tragic.. as it emerges from the canyon of time

a phoenix rising
leaving the cold marsh behind
questions asking
what has she left inside

a discovery to light
a beautiful blue haze
bright yellow sunshine
as she walks in the lull of no time and no place

she stops… she stares…
from blue unto purple
the voice of the inner child

a call to curtains
to let them down
to rid of the sadness
and find the peace… the peace as it surrounds

the warm cackle of thunder
the path lit by lightning
rain through lush green trees…
stars in the shadows of clouds..
a wish on a flame
a dance at the rainbow
and a journey begins
as she starts to let go..!