and sometimes… silence really IS golden..! spent a quiet evening by myself and managed to finish a long standing oil painting…!

oft when these little convolutions have been stuck in a rut,  inspiration has been found in that one song that will decide to play in a loop… in my car,  in my barsaati and in my head! and it’s almost as if lightning strikes in the form of an invisible force that puts paint to brush and the strokes find their way to completion…

sometimes peace is all but a spiralling quiescence… isn’t it?!



“wrapped in a polythene tucked away safe in my mind… a little goodbye maybe or just a passing smile… the birds flyaway to the southern skies searching a home… a bunch of paper flowers or a little boy left all alone… ! Can somebody hear me I’m screaming from so far away… morning who will calm you now.. the evening has eclipsed again…!”

4 AM sunrise and dreams! 4 PM… rain…!

and so I stand at my doorstep letting an impromptu shower of rain drench me as my mind flows back to the magic of last night… I feel a connection… it may be too soon to say… I don’t where it’s coming from and I don’t know where it will go… but it always.. always makes me smile…!

it took me back two years yesterday… leaving office at 5 am and going back in at 11 to take on the storm believing in what is right… believing in the passion of getting something out there… living the dream.. i cannot explain in words the insane satisfaction of having done what you could believing what you do and then stepping out into a sky turning pink and birds awakening as I drove my car back home…. the song that played immediately perked me up instead of putting me to sleep and it was all for the good for it led to…. 🙂

and just as I finish writing this the sun shines through the trees on the pink walls and I start singing parikrama again…

and life makes you walk it’s own twisted path… as i was telling someone recently mine is probably an infinite loop… par fir zindagi ki is parikrama me hi shayad moksha hai…

~smiles.. looks at the sky and decides to get up and get things done!