aur fir kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi…

is variously disturbed at all she has seen and heard in the last week…

sometimes its best to just walk upto someone you love and believe in and hug them reassuring them that you will always be there for them and just a phonecall away in the worst of life’s situations…

sometimes it is upto them to understand that your being there at the worse ones is much more meaningful than your not being there at all the nice ones…!

sometimes it is just plain wonderful to be surrounded by the unconditional affection of three furry friends…

and sometimes it is just rewarding to be family….



and so she sits ensconced in her ‘home office’ space as a wonderous full moon makes her stop typing and look up into the sky behind the rustling palm leaves…

it is a dreamy peaceful evening where myriad thoughts of doing various things come to mind… thoughts that had been buried somewhere and were looking for the silence of not doing to happen to her…

a few connections to revive… others to make anew… a new self undertaken project at work… a new team to breathe some life into and a lot of reading to catch up on!

she knows she will curl up in the warm ensconce of her many cushions and settle with the Kurt V she has only turned 2 pages on yet as she lets sleep takeover…


color me a new color… yet still color me a shade of purple!

she sits with her feet soaked in warm water with lavender salts as she listens to champagne supernova… her eyes wander all over her little barsaati and she sees an effervescence of blues and purples while over a beautiful flame float smells of apple and cinnamon..! she is at peace… she smiles… a bubble pops in the lava lamp…

track changes to pearl jam and she stares at the unfinished painting… it needs some edits… emotions have changed since she last worked on it…

her heart ponders to thoughts of dinner while her stomach is still battling in the aftermath of the heavy duty bengali food buffet… they compromise she thinks at some chocolate and oranges and a glass of spinach juice (sounds awful she knows.. but it’s a new found love!)

she ponders on some of life’s bigger questions as they pertain to her life and things start spiralling out… the world really does have a hard time accepting the independence of the female of the species… she has a tiny little barsaati she calls her own home, a car to get around, a day job to keep the cash rolling – and the day job incidentally is very satisfying with a wonderful boss, a wonderful team, a few extra interests to keep her going, friends who keep her heart warm, conversations to fill her day and dreams to fill her nights… and they wonder how she is at peace… esp since she’s a northie in south India who really does love dosa chicken and the various things appam gets served with!

they insist… you should get married… the whole world around you is getting married… you should too… who cares about finding a guy you know you can connect with and have endless conversations with to last it into a nice happy marriage.. a real marriage… just find someone who’s meek enough since you’re overpowering enough and get on with it… what about finding that one man who could probably over power her? and what about staying content with this beautiful life she has neath a wonderous moon and playful yellow light by herself and looking forward to a litter of dogs in the near future?!

ahh.. life.. it gets weighed down! they don’t let life happen… but when it does it is the one thing she knows she wouldn’t trade for the world.. and so she sails… she explores… she lives her myriad emotions and dances to the many tunes in her head as she softly and quietly celebrates each day!

cheers! to life! (just let it happen!)




dog heavened





old forts



dressing up

dressing down




dal baati






twinkle in her eyes


four inch heels






new blog?





rain kissed

oh so perfect!