larkspurs.. yes i could run away with a man if he lands up at my doorstep with those!


a translation of bondhu by indian ocean… oh those words can’t stop ringing in my ears! loved the song without an understanding of the lyrics.. and now head over heels with it!


an inexplicable lust for hot pink kurtas! and maybe some very electric blue ones!!


a wish to make bamboo candles and eclectic glass lamps!


and an education in cricket!


the hazards of a weekend away from home!



sometimes it’s just not one spiralling chaos in your head… it reaches mutant proportions and you’re functioning on half an inch away from explode for days… when suddenly.. there is hope (yes – that same ludicrity of human kind that’s right up there with faith and love… but nevertheless…!)


in the crash and burn of electric plasma balls you strangely begin to thrive and derive energy…


well… that’s been pretty much the last couple weeks for me! you get your highs.. you survive your lows… and in those tiny moments your realize what you really want your life to be… why you persist… why you do it… why what the world characterizes as ‘passion’ is something you can so easily find in the little things and follow your heart! (in the end… its all about following your heart!)


and each night you are happy to come back to that one place you’ve learnt to call home, sit under a starry sky and let it all spiral out as you desperately try and hold onto the tiny thread of sanity you call your peace…


yes.. bouts of insane passion and following your heart need to be followed by the sanctum of peace and the sounds of silence… and so it was two whole weeks of a sleep cycle getting irreparably altered.. giving way to a food cycle that reached scary disproportions and of course some serious cosmic realignment in the karmic energy that surrounded! but in the end it managed to achieve the fine equilibrium that if sustained over extended periods of time can lead to infinite yet causal joy.


you guessed it (i hope you did).. it needed it’s break free moment! and it achieved it in a completely unexpected, classified by many as impossible weekend of pure exhilaration! history had been created!


it deserved a night of just sleeping it out of the sheer exhaustion of being witness to such exuberance.. well not just being witness! and thus it led to an afternoon where the eyes had barely opened while the soul sat down in quiet contemplation to recuperate and face the world anew….


the powers that be had probably figured it out and so it rained! it rained a beautiful hushing rain as every pore rose and fell to find its temporary destiny and certain decisions became crystal! life slowly rocked back into place…


it still fumbles to find that comfortable pace… but it shall strive again soon for that fine equilibrium to keep it enthralled and alive!


चारों तरफ फैली हुई आरज़ू दिल में छुपी… आँखों में आई क्यों…

आस वही दीमें लिए इस आरज़ू में हम जिए…

ठंडी धूप में इक आह लूं… सर्द सी पैरों तले…

पाँव में राह क्यों वही…

चलती जाऊं इन राहों पे… तेरे लिए हैं बिछे..

लो हम भी चल दिए…!





and so… no new year’s day to celebrate… no chocolate covered candy hearts to give away! No first of spring… no song to sing.. In fact here’s just another ordinary day..


it’s probably the perfect day for an inspired post… what would her personal’s ad be like?! (yes you are now allowed to laugh your head off!) Here goes…


Female of the homo sapien species seeks “thinking” male of the same species.

Loves: art, rock (yes pure), shoes, waterfalls, making shapes in clouds and finding them in stars, the sounds of silence, the ‘idea’ of romance, oil painting, a warm cup of good coffee anytime of the day, percussion, ice, ant hills, lucid insane moments that life seems to be full of, fridge magnets, bear hugs, white wine, a spontaneous adventure, the illusion of independence, desi girl, pedicures, purple, question marks, lateral conversations, the daimoku, the mountains (and maybe a cottage somewhere there), the little things that make it all worth it and lava lamps.

Dislikes: low self-esteem, sushi, the unfathomable art of roadblocking to take credit, hip-hop, any crawling entities (yes apart from ants), white light that’s too bright, hypocrites, talking the stairs, the raddi wala at the wee hours of the morning, any gaming console and state transport buses!

Seeking connection, conversation, passion.

Applicants must be able to hold a good conversation with comfortable silences, must shave, must drink in moderation, must keep things back where they are picked up from, must use ash trays, eat more than i do or drink less than i do, must know chivalry (and practice it), must have some green thoughts, be well educated and must like floyd.

Foodie preferred. Enfield rider preferred. Guitarists are hot.


~ sighs! Happy valentine’s day!! (time to bring out the wine, play a romantic song and stare at the lava lamp)