leherein… inhe kya pata pant kitni upar hai… ye to bas badhti chali jaati hain! (kayi baar tab tak jab tak tum muskuraane na lago!)


life is full of the little things isn’t it? having seen a friends go through a pretty harrowing time in his life… and having lost one.. both recently, it makes you stop and wonder… it makes you stop and wonder at where you derive your strength from… and that’s a question that more often than not doesn’t get answered. (maybe its for the best… ). in the middle of winter you realize you have in yourself an eternal summer! and as long as the seasons keep changing while you have someone to keep yourself warm and dry.. well.. life continues to stay beautiful!


बंद गली के उस तरफ खुले आसमान की ज़मीन… #indianocean


nav varsh

and this one’s been a long time coming…

i sit staring at the odd shapes the lava lamp takes as it slowly heats up… it spaces me out enough to try and give word to several thoughts…

last year ended with a trip back home after a couple years… it felt nice.. it felt like home.. but eventually it felt slightly out of place… figures i have made home in my tiny barsaati in bengaluru… what with the leaf print curtains, the lava lamp and knick knacks from all places well travelled and a mattress comfortable planted on the floor.. yes it feels mine.

nevertheless.. a trip home goes to imply excess baggage.. and in the said case it was 9 kilos!!! with bottles of scotch and feni.. truckloads of food… the emperor’s new clothes… and footwear to last a whole year at least. This excess baggage payment had me swearing no shopping for a whole year (and yes i am girl who was completely un-intoxicated in the said moment)

a new year spent barbecuing at the beach with big sister, jeeju and pinky singh were all very exciting 🙂 esp with the menu of intoxication involved, however this meant having 3 kids haunt me every waking hour. It left me no choice… no kids of my own.. not in this life at least! it completely reinforced the famous conversation with a friend wherein we figured the path forward is a house in goa, another in himachal, a work from home from the so called places of work, a caravan to travel between the two, 3 dogs and 5 cats to keep the excitement alive! 😀 and that’s it.. the moksha that we keep searching for in this life itself!

so much for new years… it involved various kinds of intoxicants being bundled ruthlessly into the same body and a drive back home in the hot sun the next day through the ghats… THAT + a broken down car which together meant to imply a 6 hour drive turned into a 12 hour adventure!!  complete with tow truck and the works!

net net… reaching home in a state where the hangover has been replaced by pure exhaustion (after a day of –read above) at midnight with packing to do and the need to catch a flight at 5 am really never does anything good for anyone and I wasn’t going to be the one to be spared… but i didn’t know it at that time and so merrily reached back to namma bengaluru after a flight through which i slept with mouth open, I still had it in me to go to office! 3 hours in that a/c and lo and behold broke loose the mother of all fevers which had to be slowly nursed back with a couple days off from work and tons of chicken soup! (yes.. the chicken soup is good for the heart, the soul and the tummy!)

and nothing can take too long to recover from esp when the coming weekends are all party planned! 😀 so yes.. there continued to be more.. followed by a trip to Yercaud which was super fun (yes.. read mad, crazy, rolling in laughter, pulling each other legs et al! also read – phew! it’s so great to have a phenomenal team to work with – you spend God knows how much of your life working… you may as well enjoy every tiny bit of it!)

all the madness led to a positive change of me carrying a “dabba” to work! the works – roti, sabji, nimbu paani and fruit! can u beat it (well maybe yes you can… but for the time being just grin ok!) So to the disbelief of many a people who have known me for 3 years now.. there it was.. 4 tiny dabbas packed into this insulated black casing! ~only time will tell now! (and mom’s suryanamaskar is a standing joke now.. surya to universe me ghoomte ghoomte fit reh leta hai.. but hamara sirf namaskar se kya hoga! 😉 )

much fun.. and much turmoil. The equilbrium stays unchallenged! And a much loving visit by the 3 year old brat of a nephew where he was taken to an Indian Ocean concert.. his first! 🙂 “so fun!” (and yes.. now the world around me calls me Gulaabo – the revengeful? name given to me by the dude’s mom who i resorted to calling pinky singh!)

now with a start to the year as tumultuous (and as wanting of joining the gym) the rest should be a breeze! what say?!

peace   joy   love   bonding   food   yumm   travel   lite?   budlite   dreams   resolutions   wishes   prayers (a belief in hope is still far)   music   shouting matches   shots   work   crazy   happy   maddenning   new   old   new?   magic!

Cheers! Hoping all your new resolutions have gone in the trash can as have mine by now! Ring it in!! May next new year’s eve be as hungover! 😉

so as the lava lamp continues to make ‘bubbles’.. i have an hour to catch a movie! cya!