and so many are the travails of a north Indian, independent, well earning, staying by herself, with her own car, party friendly, coming in and going out at weird hours, with friends over for the night female of the species!

the most pesky of which are pesky neighbours! then comes a landlord who wants me to learn Kannada! then comes the next door aunty who always looks at me as if her looks will incinerate me right there! then come the neighbourhood jerks who love to stare! then of course i’m also a woman driving well on the roads of bengaluru over taking many a cab wala only to bear their wrath a few hundred metres later!

the constant idlification of life isn’t really bad.. there’s lots you can cook and lots you can eat out.. but the stares that i get when i buy 4 kilos of chicken for a barbeque at a supermarket are not funny! 😉

well… there are good things… too! (~phew!) like the nice kanndaiga petrol pump guy who’ll always smile at me and give me priority (but the terrible people who’ll never come forward to help to change a flat tire!), like the happy surprises of green signals, like a car cleaning guy who also takes care of the car at night and always smiles his 100 watt smile, like the maid who knows on auto pilot what to do and keeps telling her to buy a bed, like the paanwala who knows her paan to the tee now… and on and on…!


so some shopping (got 2 fighter planes for a brat of a nephew!) and a day at the spa later she’s called into the call from hell and is living through the motions while fighting off some yumm chinese food!


ahh well.. such is life! one adventure at a time and several smiles to make it through it each day! (and her daimoku!) (and there’s the traffic, and the snarls, and the nice boss, and the not so nice other people, and her paintings and her tiny roof and her warm sweet home and so and so on and so on!)


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